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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Monsoons Rip through the valley

On August 28th & 29th Monsoon storms really battered most of the Phoenix metro area with the strongest storms we have seen since 1996.
 With these storms some homeowners that have purchased homes in the outlying areas during the housing boom are waking up to flooded back yards, patios & homes. 
While some neighborhoods are banning together to file class action lawsuits against thier home builder to remediate flooding of thier property, for some the process is just dragging on to long  & have decided to take matters into thier own hands & are having  drainage systems installed before the flooding takes a toll on thier homes foundation. Hopefully when all is settled with thier home builders they will be able to recoup thier drainage remediation cost.
Unfortunately, when insurance companies get involved the whole process just bogs down & the cost for attorneys exceeds the cost of fixing the problems! Make sense? Of course not! But thats how it works.
Good luck to all & we will be here when you need us to solve your drainage problems.

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