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When the soil beneath a structures foundation is expansive soil or is improperly prepared by not properly compacting, settling or heaving of the structures foundation can occur. The consequences to the structure are cracks in concrete sub floors which in turn cause cracks in floor tile or heaving of wood floors, cracks in the plaster & stucco, sinking or raising of the structure on one or more sides, doors & windows that won't open or close just to name a few of the common problems associated with foundation failure.

When dealing with foundation repair you must first & foremost deal with the underlying cause of the foundation failure. In most cases the problem is traced back to the Sub Soil's & Water infiltration into the sub soils. 

Landscape Drainage Solutions job is drainage remediation. By utilizing various proved methods & systems we take one of the key ingredients for foundation failure out of the picture. Water. Once our job is done the foundation can be repaired. 

Foundation Repair is done by Specialized Foundation Repair Contractors using several proved techniques.

Pressure Grouting is used to fill voids in the sub soils beneath the structures foundation as well as lift a structure. 
Concrete slurry, epoxy or other chemicals are injected into the subsoils to stabilize the subsoil & foundation to prevent further damage to the structure.

Helical Piers are used to lift a sagging foundation, walls, pillars & block fences. A jack type device is installed under the failing structure. The jack is the used to raise & support the structure & is left in place.  


LDS works with Foundation Repair Specialist on a regular basis. We coordinate our efforts including 
investigative findings, planning & scheduling with a Foundation Repair Specialst that you have selected
or one that we recommend.
Please contact LDS to inquire about hiring a Foundation Repair Specialist.