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Rain Gutters


When purchasing a home or building, there are many features to consider: size, floor space, closets, electrical and phone wiring, and more. But one of the least-considered is the rain gutter system. A gutter system allows rain water to flow off and away from the roof without leaking down directly into the walls or foundation.

What is a rain gutter system?

A rain gutter system is a network of gutters attached just below the lip of the roofline, which catches water as it flows down the roof. It takes this water and guides it to one or more downspouts, which directs it a few feet away from the building. This way, the system can drain into an underground drain pipe & out to daylight, or in some cases into the grass, on a driveway or into a gravel area.

What parts make up a rain gutter system?

The answer to this depends on which type of gutter system you decide to purchase. The traditional rain gutter system was simply a U-shaped piece of material ( often aluminum ), just below the lip of your roof. Water would drain into the gutter, then be guided away to a drainpipe, where it would flow away from the house.

More recently, leaf free gutter systems have become popular as these also keep your gutters free of leaves. In addition, a leaf free gutter system keeps standing water away from your home.

All gutter systems will have gutters and downspouts, but leaf free gutters also include gutter guards
, which allow water (and leaves) to actually pass over the gutter before the water curls back and drips into the gutter. The leaves, unable to pass through the small opening, fall harmlessly to the ground, saving you the hassle of clogged gutters.

How to select the right gutter systems

You can choose between traditional sectional rain gutter systems and seamless gutter systems.

The sectional gutter system can be purchased off the shelf and is easily installable by a standard handyman. Seamless rain gutter systems, on the other hand, must be installed by professionals as the gutters are actually custom fit to your building.

Also, it’s important to decide if aluminum or vinyl is the right material for your gutter system. Both materials are easy to install, but aluminum is longer-lasting. In addition, you can select gutters made of wood, copper, stainless steel, or galvanized steel.

Finally, once the basic gutter system is installed, you'll want to decide between an open gutter which can be prone to clogs, or a leaf free system equipped with screens or guards for a more effective, but more expensive, system.


Landscape Drainage Solutions works closely with several Rain gutter contractors.
They all make & install only Custom Seamless Alluminum Gutters to fit your your home. In fact, the aluminum is extruded from a machine that is mounted on a trailer allowing the Rain gutter contractor to customize your Aluminum Seamless Gutters on the spot! Gutters are available in 5" wide & 6" wide seamless gutters depending on your style of roof. Half round gutters are also available.
The Aluminum is powder coated & comes in a vast array of colors to match your house & will never need painting.

Landscape Drainage Solutions takes over where the gutter contractor leaves off. Using a Downspout Adapter, We Pipe the Roof Gutter Downspouts directly into an underground drain pipe & pipe the stormwater away from your homes foundation.

Downspout tied into undeground drain pipe using a downspout adapter


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