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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monnsoons are here!
So the monsoon season has gotten off to a little bit later start this year. Only a couple of days after the start of last years monsoon season on July 10th, 2008 we received our first batch of storms on July 12th & 13, 2009. Another big storm brought high winds, lightning & rain to most of the phoenix metro area the week of July 20th, 2009

August is usually a big month for some furious monsoon activity. August is also one of the wettest months of the year in Arizona along with December.
I think the worst is yet to come in August so batten down the hatches & make sure your storm drainage issues are taken care of.

As they say it doesn't rain much in arizona but when it doe's it can reek havoc!

Here is the definition of Monsoon from Wikipedia:

The English monsoon came from Portuguese monção, ultimately from Arabic mawsim (موسم "season"), "perhaps partly via early modern Dutch monsun". The Arabic-origin word mausam (मौसम, موسم) is also the word for "weather" in Hindi, Urdu, and several other North Indian languages. The definition includes major wind systems that change direction seasonally.

"Most summer monsoons have a dominant westerly component and a strong tendency to ascend and produce copious amounts of rain (because of the condensation of water vapor in the rising air). The intensity and duration, however, are not uniform from year to year. Winter monsoons, by contrast, have a dominant easterly component and a strong tendency to diverge, subside, and cause drought.

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